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Why This? Why Now?

When I was 12 years old, I remember very vividly a trip to Walmart. I had $20 burning a hole in my pocket and I was ready to buy something. As my mom and I approached the door, a man dressed as Santa rang a bell asking for donations so kids in our community could have a present for Christmas.

My mom told me that if I give the man some money, it will come back to me ten-fold. Not really knowing what she was talking about, I gave the man $5. Seeing the joy on the man’s face as he gave me the complimentary hulk size tootsie roll, I decided to put the rest of my money in the bucket.

That’s when it all began… filled with joy, I got goosebumps rolling up and down my body. Walking through the store, I couldn’t help but smile. The sensation was the most natural high you will ever experience in your life. My mom kept telling me how proud she was of me and that I made a difference for kids that I don’t even know.

Maybe it was my mom’s obsession with the Beetles, I’m sure we were listening to them in the car on the way to the store. Maybe it was growing up with a single mom struggling to make ends meet… Or just being able to give money to Santa… Whatever it was, it changed my life.

Our Purpose in Life

The only times in my life that have had a profound impact are times when I get goosebumps.

Helping Others, Coaching Special Olympics, Meeting and marrying my wife Amy, the birth of my children, and accepting Jesus Christ.

All goosebumps… I always tell myself its God patting me on the back. Whatever it is, it’s legit. Just like Pinky Promises.

Life is short. Every year time goes by faster and faster… My wife and I have chosen to chase goose-bumps before time runs out.

You may Kiss the Bride

2011… Goosebumps happened again…. I was going through one of the lowest points in my life. Not knowing what to do, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and start hanging out with people.

Some people I worked with invited me to dinner with them and some friends. It took one meaningful conversation with Amy and the goosebumps came back.

A year later we got married and today we have 3 beautiful children. I couldn’t be more blessed.

Chasing Goosebumps

It has always been a dream for Amy and me to help someone so much, that they could never repay us.

We used to be avid Etsy shoppers. I figured if I was going to buy something, why not pay a bit more and get something made from the hearts of others. Besides, it was trendy, unique, and we always got compliments for our things. Until one day we received our package and it had a “Made in China” tag on it.

I was crushed. I felt betrayed and used…

I ran around the house looking at all the stuff I had bought previously on Etsy to see if I could find a tag. After doing some research this is a very common problem on Etsy… They are trying to crack down on it, but with such a huge marketplace it has been an uphill battle.

I just couldn’t take the chance anymore. No more Etsy.

Amy and I decided this was our opportunity to follow our dreams. Why try and bless one person when we can bless many people, communities, and families.

That’s when we searched the net, made the long distance calls, sent emails through the wee hours of the morning, and finally made some headway on our organization.

Nothing is more satisfying than the emails we get from the Artisans and small villages that we support. It brings me goosebumps every time I read one. The first email we got was from an organization in Peru thanking us. Our purchase helped their community with the recent flooding that took many lives and damaged many structures.

We also learned a new word from the village of Quechua… “Sulkpauki”… which means Thank You!

We just started this journey. With your help, we know that it will bless many families.

Besides, the goosebumps have never failed me yet and I pinky we won’t stop helping the cause. People are too Awesome!

Join us on this journey. Share our Mission. Be part of something bigger.

Sharing our site helps more than you will ever know!



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